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Our dancers will be trained in the world renowned Vaganova Method. This schooling is designed to involve the whole body in every movement, with equal attention paid to the upper body, legs and feet. This helps the dancer execute all dance techniques with precision and clarity. In addition, this ballet technique helps the dancer progress in their training by preparing them for more advance movements while performing them with exactness.

 Beginner I: Ages 7-9.


Little to no experience required

 Beginner II: Ages 9-11.


Recommended the dancer has completed level one.

Intermediate I Pre-Pointe: Ages 10-12.


This class is recommened after the completion of the Beginner I/ II levels. This Class meets twice a week.

Intermediate II Pointe: Ages 12-14.


This class is desinged for dancers  who have completed  our Intermediate I Pre-Pointe level This class meets twice a week .

Advanced I Pointe Ages: 13 and Above.


This class is desinged  for our more advanced Ballet Student. It is required that all advanced students complete the our Intermediate I and II levels before advancing.

Advanced II  Pointe:  Ages 14 and above.


This class is designed for our students who have completed Advanced I Pointe.

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