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Niaya Taylor


Miss Niaya Taylor lives in Salem , NJ and studied at Stage Lights since the age of 7. Niaya is also a sibling to one of our instructors Tamoya Taylor and has learned a great deal of choreography and skill from her sister. She has learned various styles of dance from modern , ballet , tap , jazz and hiphop . Niaya began competing at the age 9 and loved it ever since . She has gotten the chance to perfom duos and groups with our award winning dance team . Here at Stagelights she is known and praised for her roles as "Pumba in Lion King and "Princess Tiana" in Once Upon a Time. In Summer of 2013, Niaya taught our ''Hiphop Explosion Camp" and got to work with children of various ages for a week . Niaya enjoys dancing and choreographing in her spare time and hopes to continue it sometime in the future . Niaya has a love for children and a joy for helping out out . She is excited and thrilled to be helping out this season.


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